Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boys in their Undies!!

February 26, 2013

It was such a beautiful day today! Caden finished his school quickly because he wanted to play outside with his brother. I was inside doing housework while they played, then I stepped outside to head to check the cow and work in the garden. I was a little surprised - yet not - lol - to see this!

They are wrestling!!! So they HAD to take their clothes off - because "wrestlers wrestle in their underpants!" (in the- don't you know anything mom - tone of voice)

I walked out to check on Bella and they had to follow - or lead actually - lol! With no concern whatsoever to the fact that they have no clothes on :)

look at those cutie patooties!!

They also had to follow me to the garden and help me work in the garden - again completely oblivious to how hilarious and cute they looked in their undies and cowboy boots!

I love my boys and - most of the time - I love living in the country so they are free to play in their lack of clothes!

Silly Seth

Here are some random pictures of Seth! He brings so much laughter to our home - we all are usually grabbing a camera to take a picture of him. I think it is funny how the big kids will see him doing something and say "take a picture of him" or they will grab a camera and take one their self. 

He is in timeout here - I don't remember why, but I'm sure it was probably for hitting one of his brothers or sister.

Sweet brothers!

Silly Seth!

Banana Boys! They have to have a banana first thing every morning as soon as they wake up!

He loves feeding the chickens! He thinks it is all his job and he thinks they need to eat all day!
He thinks he is such a big boy!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Birthday Camp Out!!

Friday, February 22,  2013

Caden got to have his first friend sleep-over/ camp out/ birthday party today! He was so so excited!! We had been planning for a few weeks and I told him he could invite whoever he wanted. The only sleepovers he has had to this point have been cousin sleepovers. I half expected him to make a long list of boys he wanted to invite. But he didn't! He wanted his two boy cousins that are his age and two other friends. He also really wanted his cousin Faith but I don't think her parents would have shipped her here for the weekend - we would have kept her if they would have!!

Zakry also needed to be invited to the camp out because him and Caden are best friends!!! When Zakry announced this - Caden was so sweet to say - Yes Zakry, I want you to come to my party too because your my best friend! I was also proud of Caden that he was careful to not leave Zakry out of the playing!!

Ben, Zakry, Jackson, Caden, Jimmy

They put the tent up all by themselves!!

not sure what Caden is doing here - but this doesn't surprise me!!

Caden's menu was Pizza and chocolate chip cookies. They all made their own pizza!

Cambry had a friend over too - Jimmy's sister - Joy.

Sweet, sweet girls!!

They all had so much fun!!! Caden loved his camp out!!
The best part for me was that it was super easy - no stress and no planning at all!! I wanted to tell Caden thank you for wanting such an easy party - but he wouldn't have understood that - lol!!
I would so do this kind of birthday again anytime!!

BABY!!! A new addition to the family!!

February 21, 2013

A couple weeks ago, a very sweet family blessed us with a pregnant cow. I cannot even say how abundantly blessed we were to be given this cow. 

This sweet family had also been blessing us for a few months now with raw cow milk. We have been thoroughly enjoying it and have seen changes in our health because of the benefits of the raw cow milk.  I'll share one testimony to that - Seth has shown signs of being lactose intolerant. We first noticed it when he had a yogurt rice bar -he was about 9 months old and he broke out in a rash all over his body. A couple weeks later we gave him some organic baby yogurt and he again broke out in a rash and vomited. When he turned one - I started trying to give him milk to slowly start weening him. He reacted the same to the milk. About that time, we were blessed with raw cow milk. When I gave some to Seth, he had no reaction. A few times when we did not have any cow milk, I tried to give him the store bought milk mostly because I wanted to see if he would still react since he was older and see if the different milks made him react differently. He still broke out in a full body rash with the store milk and had no reaction to raw milk!!! 

We named our cow Bella and on February 21, 2013 - two days after Caden's birthday, she had her baby!! It was funny, because this morning, I could tell she was in labor, but since I don't know much about cows, I had no idea what I should do. We had a pretty busy day planned - in town - coop and other things and we were not going to be able to be home until after dark. I wasn't sure if I should leave to go to town or if we should have cancelled everything and stayed home. After a few texts to different people - I was assured that Bella would be just fine and she would take care of everything and have her baby on her own. And that is just what happened - We got home and we had a new baby cow - 
The cutest I've ever seen!! :))

Monday, March 4, 2013

My little teacher

February 21, 2013

Thursday school Day!! We love coop days! 
Some days I don't feel like going but we always, always enjoy it and we are always so blessed when we leave!
Cambry is helping me and two other of my mommy friends teach the  4 & 5 year old art class. She has taken over the job of reading a story to them before we do a craft! She loves it and she is so gentle and kind with them!

Rodeo Time

February 20, 2013

 BUSY, BUSY week!! Birthdays, rodeo, Thursday school, birthday campout!!

Bryan was blessed with 5 tickets to the rodeo from work so we were so excited to be able to take the kids! They love the rodeo!! This is the one day this whole week that the weather was yucky - cold, windy, and rainy :( but we did not let that put a damper on our fun!
The kids did a good job of finishing their school  early in the morning and we headed to town a little before lunch. I surprised them and took them to  Pizza Hut so they could use their Book It Reading coupons!! I love it when we get to do that - it just cost a little over $5 for all four of us to eat! I get the lunch buffet - Seth shares with me - they get their pizzas - we all get water - and we are all happy, happy, happy! :))
After a few errands to make sure we had everything for a birthday campout this weekend, we headed to the fairgrounds so we would have time to look at everything before Bryan meet us a little before rodeo time. I thought it was funny - someone asked my kids while we were running errands if they had their boots on for the rodeo - Caden answered - "Well we just wear our boots everyday"

I was very impressed with the petting zoo this year! Most of the animals were out instead of caged so we could walk around with them and pet them.  We stayed in the petting zoo for 45 minutes and most of that time we had it to ourselves! I guess because of the rain there was hardly anyone in the petting zoo or walking around the fairgrounds so it was very nice to not have to be in a big crowd. 

For a little while we could not figure out why the animals kept chasing Cambry and trying to eat her - then we remembered we had stashed some hamburgers in her purse so they could eat those for supper. 
They were literally chewing on her jacket and even got a hold of her purse!

I loved how being around animals was not something new for my kids but they still loved being with the animals and enjoyed loving on them. I kind of thought they may be bored with the petting zoo but they loved it just like they love caring for our animals at home!

Zakry really wanted to do the Muttin' Bustin' this year. Since he did not get picked for the homeschool drawing, we thought we would go to the rodeo early to see if we could get his name in. They changed things up a little this year. Instead of just putting your name down and them drawing, you can let your kids do the Muttin' Bustin' down on the fairgrounds for $10. If they do well there, they will let them also do it in the rodeo. We were pretty bummed though because they did not have the outside Muttin' Bustin' going because of the rain so that was Zak's last chance to try to do it this year! Caden had prayed for a year that he would get to do it when he was younger so we will start praying now that Zak will get to do it next year :))!!
We had told the kids they could each ride one ride. Zak chose the train. I was a little surprised that Cambry and Caden chose to play a game instead of a ride but I was not surprised that they both chose a game that involved shooting a gun. Caden of course lost his - I say of course because who can ever really win those games!!! Cambry and Bryan played against each other and Bryan won but Cambry did really really well! I didn't take any pictures of the rodeo but it was very fun to watch even though most of the cowboys had a hard night. The kids really enjoyed it - Zak especially - I don't think his eyes moved from the arena!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy Blessed Birthday Caden Glenn Dorman!

February 19, 2013

We celebrated 9 years with our firstborn son today!! Not sure where the time has gone - this birthday made my heart ache a little. It seemed to scream - my little boy is quickly turning into a young man. Oh how I wish I could freeze time and hold my babies close. I am so not very good at letting them go. I am so very thankful though that God has allowed me and given me this great privilege to bring up these sweet blessings.

Caden is a very sweet, loving boy. I am so proud of the young man that he is becoming. He never forgets to let me know that he loves me. Several times a day he comes up to me and gives me a big hug and says "I love you momma!" He also does this with his daddy and brothers and sister. A lot of times the I love you's seem to come randomly and out of no where - but those are the best kind because I know they are really coming from his heart.
He is an early riser and will often get up before anyone else and read his Bible and get started on his school work. There have been days that he has read his Bible and finished his math and spelling before Bryan and I are even up - and we get up pretty early too. During the day when Daddy is working, Caden really steps up to take care of us and  the home- usually without being asked or told. On cold days, he will start a fire early in the morning and he does a great job of keeping the fire going.  If wood needs to be chopped or stacked, he is always right on top of it with a smile on his face. When it is very cold or has snowed or rained, he will let Cambry know that he will take care of feeding the animals so she doesn't have to go outside. It amazes me the way he becomes a little Daddy during the day and how he does it with a happy heart and no one even asked him or told him to do it. He is also very smart. He sometimes gets a little sidetracked - like when it is "a good fishing day" or " a good hunting day" and then has a hard time concentrating on his work, but overall he makes very good grades. Caden loves to fish and hunt. He also mostly loves hanging out with his Daddy and helping his Daddy. No job is ever to big for Caden.

Caden has not asked for anything for his birthday for several years. His only requests are to go to the rodeo (since this event happens during the week of his birthday) and to have chocolate chip cookies and pizza. When he was smaller, he also only wanted to do the Muttin' Bustin' in the rodeo. When asked what he wants - he says "I don't know. I have everything I want." This year was no different. We don't keep asking him and he never says, so we just get him what we think and he always loves it no matter what! 
Cambry got him a new "Daddy" wallet. He is very proud of it and she was just as excited as him to give it to him.

A year ago, Bryan got a really good deal on a Ruger 10/22. He decided he wanted to fix it up and give it to Caden on his next birthday. So for a year, we have been hiding it, and for several months Bryan has been working on cleaning and redoing this gun. Bryan gets very excited about giving gifts and does not keep secrets very well, so I am very surprised that this gift was kept a secret for so long. I am also so proud of my husband for making this gun beautiful and so special for our son. Caden was beyond excited - so much that he was crying tears of joy :))

And Zakry colored Caden pictures. Zakry worked very hard on the pictures for most of the day for his big brother. Caden smiled so big and showed genuine excitement for the gift from his brother.
I love that Caden did not even expect gifts for his birthday and that he appreciates whatever he is given. There have been a couple years that his gift was very small- including monetarily - and even those years he was just as excited and appreciative as when he has gotten a big gift. 
He is truly a gift from God to us!

I love that Bryan and the boys call each other "best friends"