Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boys in their Undies!!

February 26, 2013

It was such a beautiful day today! Caden finished his school quickly because he wanted to play outside with his brother. I was inside doing housework while they played, then I stepped outside to head to check the cow and work in the garden. I was a little surprised - yet not - lol - to see this!

They are wrestling!!! So they HAD to take their clothes off - because "wrestlers wrestle in their underpants!" (in the- don't you know anything mom - tone of voice)

I walked out to check on Bella and they had to follow - or lead actually - lol! With no concern whatsoever to the fact that they have no clothes on :)

look at those cutie patooties!!

They also had to follow me to the garden and help me work in the garden - again completely oblivious to how hilarious and cute they looked in their undies and cowboy boots!

I love my boys and - most of the time - I love living in the country so they are free to play in their lack of clothes!


The Holik's said...

Love keeping up with your day-to-days!!

I think they look like Bryan!! I'm sure you get tired of hearing people say that!! Everyone says our kids look like Jason!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love to see the oldest with no clothes

Anonymous said...

Me too, wanna talk about it?

Anonymous said...

Youngest one pull them down let me see it